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Power of Attorney Checklist

Do you already have a financial power of attorney? Does it do everything that it should for you? Check out our free checklist below.

Signs You May Need a Trust

Are you interested in trusts, but not sure if a trust is right for you? Here are some signs that a trust might be right in your situation.

Problems with Probate

Completely avoiding probate court is a part of many of our clients’ estate plans. You may be wondering, what is so bad about it? Probate is not the end of the world. And North Alabama has terrific Probate Judges who do everything they can to make the process as fair as possible. But there are downsides to probate, and you should make sure you know them and decide if you want to avoid them.

What is Special Needs Planning? Want a much deeper dive into special needs planning in Alabama? Click here to get our firm’s free article on Special Needs Planning in Alabama. This article, which spans over 20 pages, covers topics such as:

  • Health insurance (private insurance, subsidies, the coverage gap, Medicaid, and Medicare)
  • SSI,
  • Special needs trusts
  • Special needs trusts management and taxation
  • The SECURE Act’s effect on special needs planning
  • ABLE accounts
  • Powers of Attorney in the special needs context
  • Guardianships and Conservatorships
  • Current developments like person-centered planning and supported decision-making.

Special Needs Planning

Do you have a child or family member with special needs? Have you wondered where to start? Click the two buttons below for free resources. The first is a general overview of some major concepts, and the second is a much deeper dive into special needs planning in Alabama. Both are yours for free! Just click the buttons below.

The first free resource is a general overview of some important concepts in special needs planning, and the second free resource is a much more in-depth look at these concepts. The second resource spans nearly 20 pages and covers topics from government benefits to taxes and currently developing areas of special needs planning law.

Supported Decision-Making Agreement

Supported decision-making is the latest tool the law provides to effectuate person-centered planning. Person-centered planning is life, health, and financial planning that looks to the person with diminished capacity rather than looking down at them. Person-centered planning gives the person autonomy over their own life to the extent they can exercise it.

Protecting a Beneficiary's Inheritance from Divorce in Alabama

Want to see some asset protection strategies in action? Check out Zach’s article on how to protect an inheritance you leave from divorce.

Temporary Guardianship Nomination

Do you have minor children? Have you named a Guardian for them if something happens to you? If not, you can start here.